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How much would it heal each turn.

NOTE: I know it is similar to my last question but I added ingrain and Just want to know how much it heals


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Leftovers: 1/16 of your total HP.
Aqua-ring: 1/16 your total HP
Leech-seed: This gives you 1/8 of your opponent's HP, so it may be more or less then 1/8th of your HP.
Ingrain: 1/16 of your total HP
Rain-dish/Ice-body: 1/16 of your total HP
*Note: Dry Skin heals 1/8th of total HP.

That totals to be aproximatly 3/8 of your HP healed each turn (give or take because of leech seed). With Dry Skin as the ability, it could be 7/16ths HP restored.

What about
Raining +dry skin 1/8 hp
leftovers 1/16 hp
aqua ring 1/16 hp
in a double battle get another Pokemon to use surf (with dry skin it will restore 1/4 hp to you)
use recover (or have another Pokemon use heal pulse on you)
have sturdy as a second ability

you recover 100% of your hp per turn and you have sturdy, unless 2 opposing Pokemon attack you (and do enough to kill you) you are practically invinsible (well... until your Pokemon using surf or heal pulse faint)
you can also add rain dish