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I have changed this question back to "Payback", because we already have a question on Pursuit vs Baton Pass: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/12120/will-pursuit-work-against-baton-pass
The Payback question is quite interesting so I've done this instead of hiding this for being a duplicate.
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Payback does not have any priority. If the opponent switches then I believe Payback will hit the Pokemon that switches in*, rather than hitting the Pokemon on the way out (like Pursuit does). Therefore its priority never changes.

In the case of Baton Pass: if the Baton-Passer is faster they will use it and switch out, then Payback will hit the next Pokemon. Prior to Black/White it would also hit with double power. If the Paybacker is faster, then they will hit first and with regular power.

* If anyone can confirm this it would be greatly appreciated

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it hits double power in gen 5 too.
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I'm assuming you mean Pursuit, since the effect of getting double damage while switching out with Pursuit has been removed in Gen V. Pursuit on the other hand, Pursuit gets +7 priority when the opponent switches out, which includes when the opponent Baton Passes, U-Turns or Volt Switches if the Pokemon using the move is slower than the opponent.


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