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I need to get through Eterna Forest,I'm completely stuck. I'm sick and tired of seeing the annoying couple of BUDEW and WURMPLE. My internet's all jacked-up,so I can't watch an youtube walkthroughs (this is the only site that doesn't take forever to load!). Tell me in your own words. If I need cut,then I'm screwed...


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It is really easy. Just follow the path and use max repel it is not hard at all a Challenge is fun but if you NEED a walkthrough: Go into the tall grass on your left, Then go up and left, and up and left, then down, then left, then up, then left, then up, then right, then up, then you should be near the old chateu(creepy mansion) then just go left and your in eterna city. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Eterna_Forest

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haha seems you got your self a problem... Ok first you walk in and you com eto a split in the trees, and you wanna go Right or left. I say go right, you might run in to wild pokemon but ya gotta go through some grass in your life. Anyways go right and go up and fight a double battle then go straight until you get to a turn the you to down and fight a antoher double battle with two psychics.

After that it gets confusing because you come to a decission of 2 ways. Go straight up after passiing a large patch of grass until you can't go up anymore. Then go right until you have to stop. Then you go up all the way and mak e alittle turn and keep going up. Then make another right and you should see an exit. Hope I helped :P

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