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For a week now on my white it wont let me use the game sync saying it will take a day to recharge. I haven't played with the clock. The daily events are also frozen. What is wrong?

@Ninja: Your really wrong my friend. Only the GBC,GBA pokemon games had an internal battery. The ds pokemon games use the clock of the ds.
Haha...I think I need to read everything at least twice _D _D _D
Do you still have a Pokemon in the dream world?
No I do not.
It could be some game problems. Maybe the game simply has some issues with time events.
For example, all my time events work (so far) except for the guy that gives you props.
He has given me three, and has forever ever after stopped giving me props.

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As for the Game Sync, only so many people are allowed on each day, so if you don't make it on before that limit is reached, then it'll give you that message.
As for the daily events, i have no idea.