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In pokemon platinum I got a traded pokemon. I wanted all the starters so my brother helped me get them. Then I was going to fight Roark. I beat him with ease. My pokemon are all currently level 14 15 16 none of them listen though. They are all loafing around and not listening to commands. How can I make them listen? I want to beat the galactics at the windmill but its hard since they don't listen. Should I train a few pokemon until I can get another gym badge to make them listen?


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First off bunni your wrong

Secondly pokemon obey you up to a certain level for every badge you get. You need more badges the more you have the higher the level of traded pokemon will obey you. eight making it any level.

EDIT-List of badge and what level the allow a pokemon to obey you up to (provided by pwntya):
No badge: lvl 10
1st badge: lvl 20
3rd badge: lvl 40
5th badge: lvl 60
7th badge: lvl 80
8th badge: lvl 100

Second Edit: This is only for traded pokemon your own pokemon that you caught will obey you no matter what the levels are. you c an also get information from here

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yes its only for traded pokemon
Si I can have a like level 50 by the second gym that I caught and it will listen to me?
yep it will listen to you just fine
i have the 1st 2nd and 5th badge will i still be able do controle pokemon's to lvl 60
The Badge(s) to Lvl Base...is all different in each game ex. red version I had 2 badges and pokemon up to lvl30    would listen to me, so depending on what game you play The Badge(s) : Lvl Base will be different.