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My pichu is level 20 and my buneary is level 31. I feed them poffins once a week and often enter them in competitions. and im always looking for trainer battles. My pichu is also very weak and it usually never lasts till the end to the battle. He's level 20 but a level 18 can knock him out. how can i make him stronger?

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If you started training them from a low level (1-5) they should be fairly happy by level 25-30. However if they keep fainting then their happiness level goes down.

You can make them pretty happy by just keeping them in your party, even if you only use them occasionally. Make sure you give them the Soothe Bell to hold (you can find it in the National Park).

And just be patient :)

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My Golbat evolved into Crobat at level 25.
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my riolu evolved around level 15

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Mine evolved at lvl 11 lol
Level 40 for me. I trained it a ton at night, then evolved it in the morning.
Mine at 26
:0 mines level 22.Barely even two SMALL guys are good!
Got mine from an egg.Got it's happiness up in the day. It evolved at Level 2! HAH!!!
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there is no average level as it depends on what level you got it and what you do to increase its happiness.

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Just give your pokemon exp.share and in about 4 hours of intense training your pokemon should evolve.

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"Answered 5/11/10"
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To make it sttronger give it protein, calcium, Hp up, iron. Also if its hp goes low give it potions that makes it happy (use potions because every potion, super potion, hyper potion gives 1-3 happiness points and go to the poke center gives nothing). And how pokemaster said give it the soothe bell, if you them whit the luxury ball will be easer to grow its happiness (luxury ball duplicate the happiness points you get). I hope it this is usefull.

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I have to try that!
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