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I gave my Sneasel a razor claw at Night and leveled it up.... And still a Sneasel!!!!!!!!!

What am i doing wrong? :l

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are you sure it was night?
yes, it was 11:00 PM
my game, when i evolved my weavile in moon, in the game it was nighttime in my game and in the real world it was 5:45 pm.

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First of all, you might want to check and make sure the clock is set right. Night is considered after 8:00 pm. Another thing is that you make sure it is holding the right item. Also, depending on the age of your game, the internal battery might have broken, meaning that time-based events won't happen.

DS games don't have an internal battery.
Good deal. You know where to find a shadow claw?
*Looks up at answer* *Eyes widen* *Agrees*