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I'm battling in the Battle Factory in Emerald. I got hit by Sheer Cold on my Venusaur, and the sound that occurs when taking damage is the same sound as when a move is super effective. Can OHKO moves considered to be super effective?


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well, the moves will automatically give you the phrase you get from using an OHKO move, but the game still registers the type effectiveness, so it sends a super effective signal to the game, which makes it produce a super effective sound effect. in short, the game will register it as a super effective move, but the only special thing you'll get from that is the cool sounding noise.

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Yes, OHKO moves are able to do super effective damage (although it doesn't matter).
All OHKO have typing, so it is only natural that its super effective counterparts will apply.

"If it hits, it will inflict damage equal to the opponent's current HP, therefore knocking out the target"

With that being said, it will affect the targeted Pokemon based on their current HP, which is also why a Pokemon can Endure it or use a Focus Sash.

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