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let me explain the rules so you can help me.

  • no super effective moves
  • no items in batlle other than pookeball
  • always on set mode
  • if a Pokemon faints its deaed
  • one encounter per route
  • dupes clause
  • no over levelling

so you see its hard I am allowed to use mankey against brock but no karate chop.
please help me strategize.
- charmander
- spearow
- rattata
- pidgey
- butterfree

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If this is Red and Blue, then both Geodude and Onix do not have a Rock move, so you are very safe to use any one of the Pokemon you have on your given team.
I would recommend using butterfree.
Brock's ace Pokemon Onix is at level 14. The moveset with moves Butterfree learns at level 14 or below is given below:
-Harden(Learnt when Butterfree is a Metapod)
-Poison Powder(At level 13)
-Stun Spore(At level 14)
-Confusion(At level 10 or when it evolves)

Harden is for tanking the hits from Geodude and Onix as the only attacking moves they have are Tackle and Bide. Poison Powder is for Poison. Stun Spore isn't really useful against Brock. Confusion is an attacking move.
First use Poison Powder on the Geodude, then keep on using Harden until you have +6 Defense. Then Spam Confusion until the Geodude Faints. Use Confusion until the Onix uses Bide. After Onix uses Bide, then use Poison Powder, and then any non-attacking move. Do this until Onix faints of the poison. In case Butterfree is at low health then switch out to something else.

There is a drawback to this though, this strategy is vulnerable to critical hits(though Geodude and Onix are very slow, and thus have a very low chance to crit because in Gen 1, critical hits were based on the speed of the Pokemon)

I hope this works well for you and good luck in your nuzlocke!

Sources: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Brock
The tags says it is gen three which means frlg. Onix has rock type move in frlg
Oh wait you can't use Metal Claw on Charmander / Charmeleon? Well that changes everything. Maybe just grind Charmander or Butterfree to an insanely high level and spam Ember / Confusion and hope you don't die.
i think it is gen 3 because if it was gen 1 i would had not asked this question
Hardcore nuzlocke rules. He aint allowed to overlevel. Whatever the highest level of Brock's mons are is the highest level he is allowed
Oh (filler)
did my suggestion work?

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First of all, put the Spearow in storage because it doesnt have any very good normal attacking moves, and as a failsafe so if everyone dies, you can still continue your run(though I dont know if you would want to without a charmander.) Geodude doesnt have any rock type moves, so I would use the charmander to just scratch him. If he (charmander) gets below 1/2 health, which is unlikely, then use your rattata to finish him off. For Onix, I would definitely keep the charmander out of the battle because it will get destroyed without metal claw. Butterfree is probably your most valuable other than charmander at this point, so I would only put it in for one move, use sleep powder, then pull it back so it doesnt get hurt much. Then use the pidgey to spam sand attacks until it wakes up. At this point, check to see if your butterfree is above 1/2 health. If it is, bring it out again for another sleep powder, then use pidgey , to quick attack every turn until it wakes up. Once it wakes up, it should have pretty low accuracy, so just keep attacking and dont bother bringing out your butterfree again. If your butterfree is not above half health (which is again unlikely) then I would sacrifice my rattata, keep using quick attacks until the rattata dies, then bring out your pidgey to finish him off. For this your pidgey should be about level 12-13, the charmander 10, the rattata 8, and the butterfree 12 (but you can train higher if you want to, those are just estimated minimums).

Source: Experience

Hope this helped!

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It's probably better to raise all of them to level 14 before battling him.
It probably would be better to do that, but I was trying to give him the minimums to save him some time, but if he wanted to be really save, he should probably do that.
it is a risky strat  but will work.
what i was thinking was harden to increase defence because it iwll save me from a potential oh ko from onix's rock type move but it is risky because if it crits it will by pass my defence increase
On your butterfree? I dont think it is worht it because you would just be wasting a move and if it is above level 12 its very unlikely it will get oh ko. And if you get lucky, you might even go first and use sleep powder before he can even hit you!
let me know if it worked!
thanks jake charizard