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im thinking of making a sand team after talking to Pokemon-Ultimation
and excadrill as we know is a great sand team member but im unsure about the trait
sand force - +33% onto rock ground and steel moves in sand storm
sand rush - doubles speed in sandstorm

why have sand force - makes moves more powerfull (in s storm)
why have sand rush - doubles speed which meens i dont need to bother adding speed evs or speed nature can use evs on stuff like def (in sandstorm)

at the moment i have excadrill adamant sand rush 252atk 152def and 100speed @life orb

what is the better sand force or sand rush
which is most comonly used

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Sand Rush+Swords Dance would Give you both the Speed AND The Power. Yours Looks OK, Give it Earthquake, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, and Shadow Claw or X-Scissor.

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thanks is there a need for many speed evs or just as i put around 100
100 seems about fine.