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Double Team and Minimize are almost always banned in competitive online play to try and make thing "fair". But they are not banned at the Video Game Championships (VGCs). I can imagine it being used on defensive Pokemon a lot.

So, to anyone who has watched plenty of VGC battles (real life or YouTube), is DT pretty common?

DT lol, I dont think DT uses DT alot XD
Personally I would think that the more noble battler would still not use Double team and rely on less cheap and unfair tactics to win, while the noob or haxy battler would spam Double team 6 times and be annoying.

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I actually went recently, and a lot of the teams were carrying 1 or 2 members with it, double team more than minimize. it didn't surprise me much, i actually lost to someone because of that..

but yeah! most of the battles i was in my opponent had double team on one of his pokemon, so that's definitely something to watch out for. as usual it's as simple as carrying a clear smog user.

in short,
yes, it's pretty common
source: experience

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