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the other day i was playing white and i ran into a audino and it used simple beam and it was black not the usual pink and yellow and about an hour later i ran into a shiny metagross so ithought it was nothing but then yeaterday i ran into another audino and it's simple beam was black and close to an hour later a ran into a shiny mamoswine both i found in giant ghasm

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Simple Beam temporarily changes the target's ability to Simple. It does not work on Pokémon with the Truant or Multitype ability.
With this effect, the opponent's stat modifiers, both positive and negative, double in effectiveness.~Bulbpidia

In other words that all that happens it says nothing about it increasing a chance for shiny pokemon to appear which was probably a coincidence as nothing can increase the chance for a wild shiny to appear,

As for the black beam ive never heard of that happening if you were playing in the dark you may have seen it wrong and i searched everywhere and cant find anything on it so like i said you probably just miss-saw.

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