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Im trying to pick a fighting type for my team and came up with these three that I like. Which one is the best? Machamp is just a powerful sweeper with no guard hitting everything no matter what and the 100% confusion:), heracross has 2 powerful stabs which neither one of those fighting pokemon has and has a pretty good sp defense too. I dont even know why hitmontop is in UU, he has 2 amazing abilities, intimidate if you want to make it bulky and technician for sweeper,he can fill both roles. He also has ALOT of prority moves with techinician to kill everything before he gets attacked. Its attack stat isnt anything special but it can always boost it with a life orb or choice band.

Machamp has four arms and Hitmontop and Heracross have two. It's simple math 2 times the arms is two times the power. Easy Choice. Machamp is a bad ass like Sheeva in Mortal Kombat.

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is a good type and could be a good type sweeper
@life orb or you can go flame orb to burn yourself
guts-atk becomes 1.5 when burned
adamant or jolly
252atk 252speed
close combat - stab great power
megahorn - another stab with great power coverage from pyschic
stone edge - coverage against flying fire and ice
swords dance - double atk
so this set is great and can be very usefull with flame orb it burns you then guts turns that 50% atk drop into a 50% atk increase
with this set its atk boost becomes the same as when holding choice band but with the effect of life orb.
this meens you loose a little hp every turn but you can use more than one move
so you can use swords dance :)

machamp has great atk and decent def
it also has the abilitys no guard and guts
@muscle band or life orb
252atk 252speed
no guard
stone edge - great power good c hit chance also 100%acc coverage
dynamic punch - great high power stab
payback - makes use of low speed also coverage
ice punch - gets rid of ground and dragons
with no guard dynamic punch 50acc becomes 100%acc with 100 power as well not bad it then gets added stab 150 as well as confuses opponent

@flame orb
same just with guts and close combat instead of dynamic punch

intimidate isnt the best optian but is great in uu as pb said one of the reasons its so good in uu
it also lets you make use of more powerfull moves like close combat but im no good with hitmontop
@life orb
252atk 252hp
bullet punch-priority
mach punch - priority plus stab
sucker punch - priority plus coverage
fake out maybe - priority plus cancles sturdy
ok so i have never done a movest for hitmontop before so this movest probably sucks and to be fare i wouldnt use hitmontop for the reason that its outclassed by the other pokemon
so i wouldnt use hitmontop and if you did maybe check somewhere like smogon for a decent movest

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Intimidate is the better Ability for Hitmontop than Technician, it makes it the most annoying of UU Pokemon and a great Wall paired with Toxic. Also, you can't really compare the 3 since they do different jobs.
Also, Hitmontop isn't outclassed at anything being the top UU Threat. I would Edit that out.
Yea I agree, I think hitmontop can do fairly well in the ou environment
k thanks for correction ive nevr really used one
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From personal experiences I would definetly choose a Heracross because it has a lot of stab moves: Megahorn, Focus blast, focus punch, u turn, etc.
If you are looking for help with the PKMN here are some tips:

Heracross @ Focus Sash, Focus Band
Megahorn: STAB + covers Psycic ( sorry can't spell good)
Brick Break: STAB + plus takes out hardheaded Rocks, Steels, Darks, and Ice's
Earthquake: DUH! moment but it takes out them dumb old Fire types
Stone Edge: Coverage for Flying types

Hope this helps!

Focus band is banned pichu
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Personally, I would say Hitmontop because it gets technician, has good bulk and gets hazard removal. It can also be run both defensively, with intimidate to drop attack on Pokemon like machamp or heracross and rapid spin to remove hazards, or offensively with technician because of its access to priority which is technician boosted.

@ Leftovers
252 HP, 200 DEF, 48 Sp. Def (+Def/Sp. Def, -Sp. Atk)
Rapid spin for hazards
Fake out for priority
Mach punch for priority
Pursuit for coverage/trapping

@ Choice Band
252 ATK, 252 Spe
Adamant (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)
Rolling kick
Bullet Punch
Mach Punch

Hitmontop's stats are quite a bit worse than the other two's. Its only good stat is special defense, and it can't learn good healing moves to compliment that.