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If you have a good competitive moveset for Jolteon, post an answer below and upvote the best ones. Movesets for any of its pre-evolutions can also be shared on this thread.

Be sure to include full set details in your post, e.g. items, abilities, natures and EVs. Some detail, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. Access the full list of guidelines here.

Jolteon Pokédex and learnset for reference.


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Jolteon (M) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Volt Change
- Shadow Ball
- Signal Beam
- Hidden Power [Ground]
'Hey i cant get Signal beam for some reason what do i replace it with?
My Jolteon is as follows

[email protected]
Ability:Quick Feet.
Volt Switch.
Shadow Ball.
Quick Attack.
Hiden Power (Rock).

Not Sure if it's good,but in game he seems good.

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Setup that worked best for me is this
Jolteon (M) @ Choice Specs
Trait Quick Feet
EVs 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
Timid Nature (+Spe , - Atk)
- Thunderbolt
-Volt Switch
-Shadow Ball
-Hidden Power Ice
Try it and let me know what you think of it, i'm still pretty noob on competitive battling ☺

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My Jolteon is a special sweeper

Jolteon @ Leftovers
Timid Nature
Ev; 252 Spe, 252 Spa, 4 Spd
- Thunderbolt
- Toxic
- Shadow Ball
- Signal Beam

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My Jolteon's role is a Bulky Special Sweeper on Pokemon Showdown:

[email protected]

Trait:Volt Absorb

Thunder: Great electric type move

Rain Dance: Gives Thunder perfect accuracy

Signal Beam: Good STAB

Return: Powerful if 255 Happiness

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Charge beam
Hyper beam
Shadow ball

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I used this one a lot in ORAS
[email protected] Glasses
Ability: Volt Absorb
EV's 252 Sp. Atk/4 Def/252 Spe

Hidden Power (Ice)
Signal Beam
Magnet Rise

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The Jolteon I use is for any battle but mainly triple is-
Jolt (M)
Item: Shuca berry
Ability: Volt Absorb
Nature: Careful
The lowest he has is defense with speed being the highest.
Of course his sp. attack isn't as high as I'd want but I just caught an Eevee and raised him into Jolteon. He still does a great job.
Rain Dance
Double Kick
Light Screen

I usually set up Rain Dance then hit with Thunder after seting up Electric Terrain but another Electric type and have have a Water Type use Scald. Double Kick is for the Ground types with Rock typing because I usually see Geodudes in the Battle Maison. Light Screen is to help boost up the Sp. Defense of my team or fill that slot in with another move since that a slot is mostly optional.

1. what are the EVs?
2. why would you pick a careful nature? You are lowering jolteon's spatk, something highly necessary, for spdef, which jolteon would not use
3. you are not going to see any geodudes in battle
You see I had no interest in doing battles similar to those back then I had just wanted to raise the Eeveelutions without worrying about that then I wanted to battle Wally again so I decided to try it and I just used the Pokémon I currently had I'm still inexperienced
this jolteon would not do well in competitive though, which is what this thread is about
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Quick Feet made me think of this set:

Sleep Talk
Charge Beam
Hidden Power (Ice)

I would go modest or speed nature, with EVs into Special attack and Speed or Sp. Atk and Health for some extra bulk.

I would go with Life Orb for items to increase damage.

The idea is to use Rest and Quick Feet for a huge buff to speed, then power up with Charge Beam, using HP ice for great neutral coverage. Most Quick Feet users also have Guts and are physically inclined, so this is what I've thought of trying to do to abuse quick feet. It does add some survivability, but any strong physical attack takes Jolteon out.

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This for 3rd Gen because I haven't played the later games yet

Jolteon (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Volt Absorb
Hasty Nature(+Spe, -Def)
- Thunderbolt: Good Power, High Accuracy and
- Thunder Wave: To paralyze foes
- Subsitute: For trolls
- Double Team: Works well with substitute so the
foe gets triggered

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Here's what I think works best (in Sun/Moon):
[email protected] Plate/Wide Lens
Ability: Volt Absorb
Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
EVS: 252 SpA, 252 SpD, 4 HP
-Thunderbolt/Pin Missile
-Volt Switch/Rain Dance
-Shadow Ball

Why I think this:
Zap Plate gives a boost to your 2 or 3 Electric type attacks, giving them even more power. Wide Lens helps with Thunder.
Thunderbolt is a great Electric type attack, 90 power and 100 accuracy. You can choose this, or you can choose Pin Missile if you want to deal with Grass types. Hidden Power Ice works well here too, except I don't find Hidden Power that strong of a move. No STAB, no item boost. Bad move to use.
Volt Switch is if you want to switch out due to enemy Ground types and still be able to attack. On my Jolteon, I find it does intense damage. Only works in Double Battles or Battle Royals. Or you can choose Rain Dance to allow Thunder to hit all the time (provided no accuracy lowered).
Shadow Ball is so that if you choose Thunderbolt, you won't have four Electric type attacks. I find it necessary though. I highly doubt Pin Missile works here. Low Attack to begin with, plus its nature.
Thunder goes without saying. It does EXTREME Electric-type damage. If you want to, you can replace

In Double Battles, I find that Jolteon goes well with Tapu Koko. Koko's ability, Electric Surge, increases the power of already extremly powerful attacks. As a bonus, Tapu Koko knows Discharge, which can heal your Jolteon with its Volt Absorb.
I find this Jolteon better for PvP.
Hope I helped!

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Item: Electrium Z
- Thunderbolt
- Thunder Wave
- Pin Missile
- Body Slam

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Moveset for this fast Boi? Heres one of them :
                 Fast Sweeper
                              Trait: Volt Absorb
                              252 Sp.atk | 252 Speed | 4 HP @Focus Sash/Life Orb
                                  -Thunderbolt : STAB , Decent Power
                                  -Volt Switch : Emergency Exit for those emergencies and STAB
                                  -Shadow Ball : Decent Power , Just for the other types
                                  -HP grass/Ice : Kill Those Pesky Ground types!
**Hope I helped! :)**
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My favorite (And the only one I like) of the Eeveelutions!

  • Thunderbolt (Obvious STAB, Thunderbolt > Thunder)
  • HP [Ice] (Dragons die, Grounds die, Moveset Variety woo!)
  • Double Team / Volt Switch (Depends on your style. If you want to run away from a threat, Volt Switch. If you're on the Main Series Games and you want to be annoying, Double Team.

Other Stuff Time!

Item: Choice Specs
Ability: Quick Feet
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP

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Hmm, is Timid or Modest better?
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JOLTEON @ Air Balloon

Ability : Volt Absorb

Nature : Rash ( + SpA , - SpD )

EVS: 252 SpA , 252 Speed , 4 HP

Thunderbolt : Good STAB Move , Chance to Paralyze , Can hit Pokemon using fly , high accuracy

Volt Switch : Good STAB Move

Hidden Power Ice : Good against Ground , Dragon and Grass

Shadow Ball : Good in general

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My fav Pokemon is jolteon
Jolts the Joltoen
Ability Volt Absorb
Evs 252 Special attack 252 speed 4 hp/spdef
Item Focus Sash/Life orb

Volt Switch
Signal Beam/Hidden Power Ice
Shadow Ball

I would use Thunderbolt Volt switch Hidden Power Ice Shadow ball in all honesty

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Gen 8 removes Signal Beam and Hidden Power, leaving Jolteon with only a few options.
With a great 130 speed stat, Jolteon is currently the 10th fastest Pokemon, but his movepool has still got a ways to go.

Anyway, on a weather reliant team, a Jolteon could have this set:

Jolteon (M) @ King's Rock
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: 20 HP / 233 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Thunder/Thunderbolt (100% accuracy in the rain, STAB/main STAB)
- Weather Ball/Substitute (Changes type according to weather to fit coverage/protection)
- Shadow Ball (Coverage)
- Volt Switch (To switch out)

Weather Ball is a nice variable to have, because it can give you some nice coverage if used correctly. It also get 100 base power in weather. For example, in a rain team, Jolteon will be able to cover common ground and rock types, such as Excadrill, Dugtrio and Tyranitar. If you don’t go for it, Substitute works as well. Just make sure you give him Leftovers so he can recover a bit.

Thunder is best if you decide to go on a rain team (in which case Weather Ball will be Water type), if not, Thunderbolt is the default option for STAB.

Shadow Ball is just default coverage against some common Ghost types like Gengar.

Volt Switch is for when you need to escape.

A King’s Rock is nice because it’ll give all his moves a 30% chance to flinch, and since Jolteon outspeeds so many Pokemon, the flinch chance could (if you decide to go into Doubles) give Jolteon’s teammate a chance to go in for the kill. The key here is to make sure Jolteon doesn’t die, because Jolteon’s stats don’t exactly scream Tank. The alternative is to give him Leftovers, so he can recover at least a little bit.

I hope this helps someone (even if this is a messy, long post.)