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ok i'm trying to breed my cloyster that's a male into a shellder what pokemon should i use to get a shellder?

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Let's see....

Cloyster belongs to the Water 3 egg group, so you can breed with any of them, if your Cloyster is Female.

In your situation, where Cloyster is a Male, you can't get a Shelder from the egg; That's where Ditto comes in. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon, except legendaries(Manaphy is an exception). So, if you breed your Male Cloyster with your Ditto, you can get a Shellder from the egg.

Look here for more information.

Hope this helps......

yes but then why everytime i put the cloyster in with it it says they don't seem to get along?:/
That's okay!
unless you get the message " they with each other more than with others", you'll always get an egg.
Be patient.
> The chance of getting an egg is 19.8% (has a value of 20). The old man in the Day Care will say: "**The two don't seem to like each other**."

This is fine, you just get less eggs. For every 256 steps, you have a **19.8** chance of getting an egg.
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Wait, wait, wait, WAIT! I'm the breeder here! XD

All of the suggestions above are correct, but let me try and get you a more complete answer.

1.) Theres always the option of ditto. By suggestion here is to teach your male Cloyster some moves that for Shellder to learn as egg moves.
2.) Breed Cloyster and Ditto together to get a female Shellder. Then breed it with another pokemon in the Water 3 Egg Group, to get a special move or two.

Yeah, the only way basically to get a Shellder is to breed it with Ditto, but you could go and do a lot more then that. My advise is to teach Cloyster Shellder's egg moves, and breed it, to get a kick-butt Shellder.

So yeah... Hoped this helped!

uh, what exactly did you mean by " I'm the breeder here" ? :P
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Uhh... Ditto.

Also, any Pokemon in the Water 3 egg group

i tried it do i need a female cloyster to get a shellder cause i have a male one but every time i put it in the day care with a ditto or i even did it with a corsala it says they don;t seem to like each other