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This Is The Battle:

Start of turn 1

So You Mad? used Will-O-Wisp!
BlObYoLo's Aerodactyl was burned!

BlObYoLo's Aerodactyl used Taunt!
So You Mad? fell for the taunt!

BlObYoLo's Aerodactyl is hurt by its burn!

Start of turn 2
BlObYoLo's Aerodactyl used Stone Edge!
So You Mad? lost 67 HP! (22% of its health)

So You Mad? used Struggle!
BlObYoLo's Aerodactyl lost 13% of its health!
So You Mad? is hit with recoil!

So You Mad? restored a little HP using its Leftovers!
BlObYoLo's Aerodactyl is hurt by its burn!

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Yes, this IS supposed to happen. Let me explain:
Struggle is a move used when ALL of your moves have NO PP then this is the move it would use. Since you still had PP but all of your moves were Status moves, then you couldn't attack because of Taunt, so you used struggle!
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Thanks SpikeyEaredPichu.
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Yes. because of taunt you couldn't use any of the moves you had as none of them are damaging moves and when a pokemon cant use its available moves because of pp getting drained or a condition as yours, it uses struggle.

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