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I was trading with somone and he offered a level 100 Swellow. I gave my level 62 Electivire which was not EV trained. When I saw the Swellow's moves, it had U-turn, Brave Bird, Protect, Facade. A typical Swellow set. I saw it was Adamant nature. I quit the trade and checked Swellow's EVs using Super training. Speed and Attack were maxed and HP was a little trained. He was fully trained. His IVs were hp,attack,defense,sp.defense and speed. Would someone do this?

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Its full ev trained and so good in online battles so you are a lucky one! Keep collecting and ev training Pokemon and be the Pokemon master! Oh and about the moves Its a nice combination.

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I can only think of the word CHARITY!. It's possible to trade any type of Pokemon in trades for except for the illegal types which know hacked moves like bulbasaur using fly. LOL.

He must've given it to you being generous and thats it. You're so lucky! :P

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Naw it's obviously a trick. o3o

It's a trap!
Probably cloned or hacked from gen 5