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I want a max defense and sp defense scraggy and a Max sp attack espion. I been collecting wings for HOURS And they keep on taking them. How much wings would you recommend using?


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You don't have to go through all that work; you can go to the top section and left cashier of Shopping Mall Nine and they have EV items such as Protein, Calcium, etc.

For amount, I would recommend about 5 each.

oh. I only had so much cash so I gave my scraggy ten of the defense and sp defense drugs. Then I gave it like five wings.
Each stat at max can recieve 255 EVs. Right now your Scraggy has 100 EVs on each of it's defenses. idk what wings you used, so i cant tell you that
but when I give it wings the stat doesn't really increase. Should I now ev train on metang? It's the highest lv and most affordable. Also, if I audino train but just before my scraggy levels up (ex. needs 100 more exp) and get the remaining hundred exp from metang then would I get the full evs from the metang?
To be Clear: Do you know anything about EV Training?? Just so i don't tell u anything you already know.

Wings give 1 EV each, so you would need 252 of them to max out a stat, 152 if you use vitamins. Vitamins give 10 EVs each, but you can only give any one Pokemon 10 of each Vitamin.
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If you want to get MAX stats, EV Train. There is no better way.

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