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Source: Bulbapedia/ Truant

The moves Worry Seed, Entrainment, and Simple Beam will not work on Pokémon with this Ability. (Truant)

I kept seeing in different posts on this site that these moves can void Truant's effect, but apparently, that is not true
I would definately want a Slaking, but it's ability is just horrendous.

So, besides Gastro Acid, how else can you get rid of Truant's effect?? Please give a source & no "i think maybe..." answers.

I just love Slaking. The best Revenge Killer out there. He has this enormous HP and Attack stat.
has everyone forgotten that you can also soak slaking?
That's in double battle :P And Mummy is way better.
Soaking just makes him a water type .-.

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Similar to Saz's answer, but this one can be used in Single Battle.

1) Be sure to take off Wi-Fi battle option if you're battling on PO, to keep the surprise effect.

2) Take a Yamask holding an Eject Button if you're playing in RU and under. Take a Cofagrigus with Eject Button if playing UU and higher.

3) Use a no-Truant abusing set for Slaking, but you must have Pursuit on him. Also, be sure to put Leftovers on him. Never use Life Orb, as he already has gargantuan Attack.

4) When you sense a Physical move incoming, switch into Yamask / Cofagrigus. The opponent's Pokemon will gain Mummy, and Eject Button will activate.

5) With Eject Button, switch in Slaking, who can use Pursuit to gain Mummy and therefore lose Truant.

6) Have fun sweeping.

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This is really nice! I can't believe you came up with this by yourself.
....OMG I love the sarcasm, bro xD
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Have a Cofagrigus and a Slaking. Have Slaking use a weak move on Cofagrigus, and it has the Ability Mummy. Also, it spreads to all other Pokemon, which can be very helpful.

I hate that ability!
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  1. Have a pokemon use skill swap, so slaking switched abilties

  2. Have slaking attack a pokemon with the ability mummy or vise versa

  3. Use gastro acid

  4. Have a pokemon with the clear body ability like metagross to wipe it out

#4 does not work.