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Entei Learnset

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Raikou @ Leftovers
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Calm Mind
- Discharge
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Fire]

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Item: Leftovers/Life-orb
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 speed, 6 Hp


I can't believe no-one made a set making use of his event moves. Flare-blitz is powerful STAB you can heal off the damage gradually with Leftovers or go suicide with Life-orb. Exreme-speed is powerful priority which is definitely need considering him needing to have Adamant nature. Stone-edge is coverage. Iron-head is coverage.

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I abuse this in UU :D
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This is probably the best moveset:

Calm Mind: Helps increase the power of Flamethrower while increasing Sp. Def, which protects against Water types.

Flamethrower: Powered up by Calm Mind. Good power, high accuracy, STAB, chance to burn.

Iron Head: Used to deal with Rock types, good power, high accuracy, good chance to cause flinching.

Stone Edge: High power, good chance for critical hit, type coverage.

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Guys, this is big.

Entei has received SACRED FIRE in X and Y. Entei is back. And he will claim his throne.

Set: Bye Arcanine, Hi Entei.
Entei @ Life Orb/Choice Band
Adamant Nature (+Att,-SpAtt)
-Stone Edge
-Iron Head/Bulldoze

Have you heard of Sacred Fire? We are talking about a 100BP, 95% ACC, FIRE TYPE PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION WITH A 50% BURN CHANCE HERE. For that reason alone, Entei will surely move up to UU or even OU. Extremespeed is to knock that last sliver of health from opponents, while Stone Edge and Iron Head is coverage. Bulldoze is mainly to get the 2HKO on Heatran, but offers little else.

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I keep seeing moves that Entei can't use/learn...are these moves (such as Extremespeed and Iron Head) taught by move tutors somewhere that I don't know about?
No, it says above that these are event moves. (Moves learnt by an Entei given out in an event that has since finished)

And also this answer is just like another answer above, except with Sacred Fire instead of Flamethrower.
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Gen V

Entei @ Choice Scarf

Trait: Flash Fire

EVs: 128 Atk / 128 SAtk / 252 Spd

Naughty Nature (+Atk, -SDef)

  • Eruption
  • Stone Edge
  • Shadow Ball
  • Bulldoze
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Item: Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 Hp, 200 Defense, 58 S.Defense


Calm-mind is boosting the S.Defense so it becomes great. Will-o-wisp is for crippling and stalling. Flamethrower is STAB. Reflect is for temporarily boosting the defense and team-support, while Hidden-power(Ground) is coverage which can be very useful if you are faced with a Flash fire Pokemon.

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EVs: Speed 252 Sp Atk 252 6 Atk/Hp
This is mine:
Item: leftovers
Eruption: great with high speed and leftovers STAB
Fire Blast: if your health is low STAB
Dig: kind of a healing move with leftovers, coverage on rock types
Shadow Ball/Extrasensory: Decent moves, kinda filler.

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Evs? Ability?
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in Pokemon sun I have:
ability:inner focus (the Pokemon is protected from flinching)
item:adrenaline orb (boost speed if it gets intimidated)
sacred fire (100 base power with good accuracy, STAB)
sunny day (adds a boost to fire type moves and weakens water type moves)
fire fang (it has a 50 50 chance of flinching or burning the opponent, STAB)
flamethrower (has a 50 50 chance of burning and has decent power, STAB)

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Heres a good move set

Entei @ Choice Band
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Sacred Fire
- Extreme Speed
- Stone Edge
- Iron Head

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