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I just got a Gentle natured Duskull (+SpD -Def) and it has 31 iv's in SpD from Entree Forest!
However its iv's in ALL it's other stats are below 10
Originally I wanted a Carfeul nature to EV train it in Def and HP for use as a wall

So, my question is, should I keep it and instead EV train it in HP and SpD as a Specially Defensive Wall or soft reset again for a new one?

(I am unsure because I have been trying for a good one for ages and this is the only one with decent potential in a defensive stat)


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I think you should try again fora better nature. Ev training defense and Hp on a gentle dusclops will result in both defenses being in the low 300s (if you're planning to use an eviolite dusclops like myself) and with dusclops' dirt Hp it wouldn't make a very good wall and dusknoir would be worse

Ok, I will keep trying! Thanks :)