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I caught a shiny Ursaring in X. It has a Timid nature and the ability Quick Feet.

The problem is that the nature isn't good(as you have noticed) and that I already have an ursaring with Quick Feet that is Level 100. I could always give the shiny the Ability Capsule but the nature is bad.

Does this count as an opinion question?
I don't think so. Maybe get a Mod or Expert's opinion
I'd use it as WTC bait for a more difficult Pokemon. There are people who'd trade just about anything for a legit shiny, I know a few people who want to complete a 'shinydex'... I'm just happy with my regular/shiny sneasel pair.

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Ursaring is probably one of the best wallbreakers in the PU tier, due to his high attack stat. With Quick Feet and the boost from Timid, it can certainly outspeed quite a number of decent Pokémon, and attacking decently. However, Ursaring won't be hitting as hard, due to Timid lowering its attack, so it might be an issue there. If Ursaring don't get the kill as fast as possible, it will get worn down by Toxic Orb (you know, to activate Quick Feet), plus Entry Hazards. Heavy Priority Users can cut its longevity short or potentially just K.O. it. Even so, physically defensive Pokémon, like Tangela can tank its damage and just heal off with Synthesis or something. Another problem would be quicker Choice Scarf Pokémon, and even though they can't just switch into Ursaring's attacks, they can still outspeed Ursaring in the right conditions, and take him out with STAB. Overall, Ursaring isn't a great competitive battler, and I wouldn't recommend putting him in compeitive battling but hey, who doesn't want to show off your awesome green Ursaring? Its obviously worth keeping but not for battling.

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Thx m8 im not gonna use my ursaring but probably trade it for a shiny.
I thought tiers were only playable on simulators.