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Okay, so I didn't chose Oshawott in pokemon white, and now everyone says that its final evolved form, Samurott is the only good water type in the game:
My team so far, about to take on the Driftveil Gym
Levanny: Lv. 31
Pignite: Lv 31
Krokorok: Lv. 32
Scraggy: Lv. 30

I know I have a Leavanny, to take on the gym, but I really need a water type for surfing to Route 17. It could give my team a real boost!
So please if anyone knows if there is any good water types, or something strong that learns surf, please tell meee! Although I haven't even got surf yet......
and I am leaving a space blank for Mienshao, i totally love those guys!


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Well the water type that is actually considered the best in Unova, is Jellicent.

It's a super useful pokemon with very unique typing. But in my opinion, it's one of the best water types in Unova. ( And competitively speaking, it's in a higher tier than all of the other water types from Unova. Even Keldeo )

So before I tell you where to get it, I'm also going to recommend two movesets for it.

#1 will be for in-game use ( playing through the game )
#2 will be for if you decide to use it in any kind of competitive play

Set # 1

Surf - STAB and having the HM on your team ( HM )

Shadow Ball / Ominous Wind - Shadow Ball is better, but Ominous wind is easier to access. Either way, it's an STAB slot. ( TM / LV 27 )

Recover - Saves you some cash on potions / super potion / hyper potions. ( LV 17 )

Energy Ball / Psychic - Coverage! ( TM / TM )

Set # 2

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Either
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Sp DEF / 4 Sp ATK

Scald - STAB and burn
Hex - Slightly gimmicky, but deals good damage after the burn kicks in
Recover - Recovery is amazing in competitive
Energy Ball - Good coverage.

You can find it's pre-evolved form by surfing at..

Route 4, 17, 18, Driftveil City, and P2 Laboratory

For Jellicent itself:

Surfing in Route 4, 17, 18, Driftveil City, and P2 Laboratory ( Same places as it's pre-evo )

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Since mienshao is just starting from what i understand on his question i think it is better if you give him early game movesets for jellicent.
no way i am scared of this pokemon ,i have bad expereances.
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Don't use all Caps.

Okay, now you can either catch a Tympole or a Palpitoad.
Or, you may catch a Dukklet on The Driftveil Drawback Bridge(I found this helpful)

But the Best Pokemon is the Tirtouga, which, I hope, you got at Relic Castle and Revived at Lacrene City.

Tympole : Outside Pinwheel Foest

Or you would wait a little bit and get Jellicent, which is considered to be the best water type from Unova competitively speaking.
Where could I get a jellicent?
I just made an answer with that info in it for ya :]
quite true