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I know wonder guard prevents moves that are not super effective, and I learned today that it also blocks mirror coat and counter when I beat a wobbuffet with shedinja, but does it prevent burn, poison, and confusion damage, and will it block moves that don't actually have power but still to damage like leech seed, curse, etc. And will it block struggle.(in heartgold)

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Yeah Wonder Guard only blocks moves that do direct damage.

Anything from a status condition or leech seed etc saps indirect damage so that will work. I'm not sure if it will prevent struggle from the other pokemon, but if Shedinja runs out of PP then it will lose its 1 HP from struggle, it kinda works like the status moves in that case.

It will block Mirror Coat and Counter because those moves don't really have a proper type - the damage done is always twice what you take regardless of whether it would be super-effective or not. That means it can never be super-effective against Shedinja.

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No, these forms of damage will not be protected by Wonder Guard.

Thanks, now I know my shedinja has no future
Shedinja is a good Pokemon if used correctly.
But I just got it so im not sure what to teach it or how to train it the best way I can
If you want to EV train it, don't waste your time raising its defenses or its Hp, since one hit brings him down. Most people raise one of his offensive stats and speed. One of the best things to do with him is to have him in your party, and with careful prediction, use him to absorb powerful attacks. Your opponent just maxed their power with stat raising moves and tries to use hyper beam... but doesn't even scratch the shedinja you switch in.