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Why did my Golbat evolve to Crobat exactly 1 level after Zubat evolved to Golbat?

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I mean Zubat evolved into Golbat at level 22, and My Golbat evolved into Crobat at level 23. Do pokemon lose happiness when they evolve?

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Mine did to, it's awesome isn't it!
I was confused and kind of creepped out when it happened to me.
Mine Golbat evolved in level 45... :) i think it wasn't so happy with me:D.

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Your zubat probably loved enough before it evolved, then it evolved to golbat and at the next level, it evolved again- to crobat because it loved you enough. how sweet, and no I don't think pokemon lose happiness when they evolve(yours sure didnt)

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How to find out happiness. In Goldenrod City a lady told my Golbat It's friendly toward you. It looks sort of happy
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Your zubat probably liked you so very very very very much when you evolved it into golbat then it evolved by happiness into crobat.How sweet!

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Zubat evolve to Golbat from level 22 ,then Golbat was evolve to Crobat from happiness.How sweet!

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Because... IT LUVS U!!!!^w^ Golbat evolves from high friendship, and surely, that must've been it.

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This happened to me alot, but it's a good sign that your Pokemon like you! :D Especially if you give it a Soothe Bell, that helps alot. This also means that Return will be a smart move to use now. ;) Also, Pokemon gain happiness when they evolve! Unlike Ash's Pikachu, Pokemon want to evolve to help they're trainers more, and when they do, they're happy they can help!

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