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Is N the boss of Team Plasma? Or is it Ghetsis? I'm confused, does anyone know?

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N while technically the prince and at the end King of Team Plasma is more of a puppet ruler. Ghetsis is the one pulling the strings behind the scenes and is using N. N has no idea of real intentions of the team. Furthermore you fight Ghetsis after N at the end of the story. So one can conclude that Ghetsis is the real boss, while N is a mere puppet.

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Oh, I get it, thanks Speed freak!  :)
What's a mere puppet???
a "mere puppet" is like when you have someone thats everyone says is in charge but is really just following the orders of someone else meaning the person giving the orders behind the scene is actually the one in charge
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N is the prince of team Plasma, so he is the boss. Even though Ghetsis acts like he is the boss, he is one of the seven sages (who are not in charge, rather like the team Rocket Excecutives and team Galactic commanders.

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Thanks for the help Darquaza!      :)
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N is called the boss of TP but actually, Ghetsis, one of the 7sages, is using him.
So Technically, N is the boss, but Ghetsis is the one who controlls TP

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You too kangmin7!
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Hey Firetuperuler

N is the chief of team Plasma,
Ghetsis is manipulating N to do whatever he wans but officaly N is the boss.

Hope I helped you

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