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Pretty straight forward:

>1. In Gen I, what was the most common type?
2. In Gen II, what was the most common type?
3. In Gen III, what was the most common type?
4. In Gen IV, what was the most common type?
5. In GenV, what was the most common type?


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For Gens 2, 3, etc do you mean only the new ones or them and all the ones after?
What ever types that existed at the time (Ex: Steel does not count in Gen 1). Besides, Steel would not mean anything because Steel was not the most common. I'm sure about that.
Do you include Pokemon from previous generations or just the single generation?
That's What I asked
What do you mean??
DA, Magnemite & Magneton were Steel types.  What did NOT exist at the time was the Dark type.
In Gen. I, they were just Electric. Steel was not introduced until Gen.II.

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Gen I has poison with 35 poison types
Gen II has normal with 22 normal types
Gen III has water with 28 water types
Gen IV has normal with 17 normal types
Gen V has bug with 18 bug types

Please know this I did not count different forms of pokemon

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