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Im willing to do anything to get a Spriritomb of my own.

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hey..... how did you get the Spirtomb picture there and to MOVE like that POKEMASTER?????????

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B/W: Not possible.

D/P/Pt: Place the Odd Keystone in the ruined tower on route 209 and then interact with (I think) 32 people underground. Then go back to the ruined tower, press A, and then......


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I thought it was 36, i may be wrong but it appears at lv25 to add on.
interact with 32 people underground? How the heck do i get underground and how do i "interact" with 32 people underground? Do i use dig or something?
You have to use the underground kit from the man in Eterna City
I think you can just interact with 1 person 32 times coming in and out repeatingly...
thanks, kangmin7 :D
how do you get him shiny? Soft reset 40 times?
It's same with all pokemon. 1/8192 chance
wat the heck? Hikers? WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS EVOLNG AOUND THE FREAKING GROUND? So do i talk to random ladies with blonde hair or youngster people or talk to anyone that aren't hikers that trade?
No... You have to talk with your friend with a ds and pokemon dppt
remember, you can just go in and out from underground, talking to just 1 friend
32 times.
i dont have a friend who likes pokemon T-T but thanks anyway :) ill just trade
really now you tell me!!!!!All my pokemon are now lv60 or higher.
wat do you mean by greet 32 people "underground"?
can it be more than 32 people or does it have to be exact?
32 or more
Iirc, you can get an odd keystone in twinleaf? I don't remember the starting town name. But there's an odd keystone in the trees in the tiny pond to the south. Its a hidden item.
you can also get it from a ninja guy on route 208