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HM01 Cut - Get it from Fennel after beating the Striaton Gym.

HM02 Fly - From Bianca in Driftveil City after defeating her.

HM03 Surf - From Alder when you're at Twist Mountain

HM04 Strength - North-West from Nimbasa City's poke Center

HM05 Waterfall - At the western edge of the route (route 18)

HM06 Dive - From the girl in front Cynthia's house.


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Strength isn't in the musc hall, it's in a house north-west of the Mombasa city Pokemon center.
oh, well thats what i got from bulbepedia
Bulbapedia just says that it's in nimbasa, you said it was in the musical hall.
oh, oops, my bad
I typed that on my Ipod, so you can blame auto correct for that one.
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