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Who are the masters of the legendary trios?

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1) who is the master of the tao trio?
2) who is the master of the cloud trio?
3) who is the master of the beast trio
4) who is the master of the bird trio? (un claer if it is either hoho or lucia)

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  1. Kyruem: Possibly.
    >The Tao trio is the only trio group without a trio master.
    However, some fans speculate that Kyurem is the corpse of the original dragon after it was split into two. Also, Kyurem's two new formes share various design elements with Reshiram and Zekrom. In this case, Kyurem could be an internal trio master, much like Rayquaza.

  2. Landorus
    >Landorus punished Thundurus and Tornadus for bringing mass destruction with their thunder and wind storms. As such, it cannot be battled until both of the latter are brought to the Abundant Shrine.

  3. Ho-oh
    >After the three Pokémon perished in the fire at the Burned Tower, Ho-Oh revived them.

  4. Lugia
    >Lugia is the only one who can end the legendary birds' conflict, as seen in the second movie.


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Neat .
but Kyurem's base stat total is lower than Reshiram and Zekrom's.
Also, is Ho-oh a part of the beast trio?
Kyrurem is thought to be kind of a shell or container for the two legendaries to fit into. For Ho-oh, the burned tower wan't always burned, one day it suddenly caught on fire and it had three pokemon inside and they died, Ho-oh had pity on them and brought them back to life as Suicune, Entei, Raikou.
I know that but still, it's a "bird" than a "beast"