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You can get pokemon like Flaffy in B/W 2 but not in Black and White 1!?(with no nat. dex)

I was told, and I also heard, it's a remake!

Why is that

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Ive read somewhere here, that is one of the difference of 1 to 2, on 2 there are already catch able pokemons that you cant find on 1 w/o national dex
May you please make that a more appropiate title?? How about "Is Flaffy available in B/W 2"
I changed the title

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In Pokemon Black and White 2 the unova pokedex now consists pokemon from other generation including flaaffy, psyduck, riolu and beldum. Check out the black and white 2 pokedex http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/game/black-white-2

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Remake doesn't stand for exactly the same.
You may remake something to improve it.
This is going to be like platinum so they have spiced things up with new Pokemon introduced.
Theres going to be many changes including new gym leeders.
They have obviously extended the local dex as well just like platinum.

so in this case, d/p = b/w, and b2/w2 = platinum, right?
More or less, yes
except b/w and b2/w2 are over a million times better than d/p/pl in every aspect