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In Pokemon White 2, after you beat the gym leader 8 you will go to team plasma ship. There you will battle a girl then she will give you plasma card to open the computer there was an password. What is it?

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Team Plasma doesn't have a ship...
Yes they do...
Never mind. This is BW2. Haven't played it yet.
Is B2 and W2 out in stores yet?
In Japan: Yes
In the USA & Europe: No

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The password varies in each game. Mine was 9909, but others are apparently 2202 or 7707. It may just be a random digit in that pattern, xx0x.

Update: the password can also be Zekrom or Reshiram (in the English games that is, in the Japanese games I guess it's their Japanese names).

If you check what the plasma grunts say, you should get a clue. For me one of them said "2 [Japanese text] 9" and the other said "4 [Japanese text] 9" so I assumed the 2nd and 4th numbers were 9.

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I tried thenumbers and it didnt work but what worked for me was going to bulbapedia and looking at the japanese names for reshiram (white 2) and zekrom (black 2) then typing it in. before you do this go to you settings and to the bottom setting and making it the first option. this is the type of japanese text they will read. hope this helped it worked for me