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and which form is best for sweeping?


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Well they both have there Pros and Cons.

Deoxys AttackNormal

Pros: Insane! Attack and S.Attack, Amazing Speed, and great movepool
Cons: Low, low, low! Hp and Defenses. Easily OHKOed by any Pokemon in Uber. A Focus-sash is a must if you want to hit more than once. Raquaza, Arceus, and Giratina with Extreme-speed and Shadow-sneak respectively are your worst nightmare.


Pros: GREAT S.Attack, High Speed, Decent bulk, and wide movepool
Cons: While he has great sweeping stats they are less than Deoxys' but that is really his only problem as he is not directly countered by anything. Whatever comes against him is sustaining seriously damage.

So there you have it, if you want the very definition of Glass Cannon choose Deoxys, but beware of priority. If you want a Sweeper that can take a non-boosted hit then deliver 2KO or OHKO the Mewtwo is your guy. The only reliable counter to Mewtwo IMO is Lugia.

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If you're going to want to Sweep the opponent, I'm already assuming that you're going to use an attack form deoxys, being that it has the HIGHEST attack stats in all of pokemon. It also has the 3rd highest speed apart from deoxys speed form and Ninjask.
-Awesome Speed
-Awesome Attack stats
-Can Learn Many Powerful Moves
(Bolt/Beam Combo as well as Superpower, Psycho Boost, etc)
-He really can't take a hit (In attack form)

Overview: If you're choosing deoxys, you have to hit hard and fast. Watch out for scarfed pokemon and priority moves, because deoxys won't get a second chance.


Definitely one of the most formidable special attackers in all of pokemon. though it's special attack and speed doesn't out-do deoxys, at least he can take a hit. Mewtwo is more more traditional in his stats than deoxys as an uber, so he is given a little bit of defense.

-Awesome Special attack
-Very good speed
-Can be made specially defensive (W/calm mind, amnesia)
-Also has access to powerful moves
(Bolt/Beam combo, Psystrike Aura Sphere etc.)

-Doesn't hit as hard as deoxys (nothing does)

Overview: Mewtwo can withstand powerful moves better than deoxys, and even though nothing has the attack power that deoxys does, mewtwo's sp. attack is still good enough to sweep.

Conclusion: Though either pokemon would suffice as a "Sweeper," Mewtwo would probably last longer in the battle.

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