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I want to know for my Pokemon Conquest so I can build a good team. Ordering the types from most super-effective to least super-effective would be nice, but it's not required.

I just realized that this question is almost exactly like one of the related questions to the right. Sorry about that.
Interesting thing is that while Fighting and Ground are Super-Effective against the most types, Rock and Ice hit more Pokemon for Super-Effective hits.

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Type effectiveness from the most effective against other types least:

Fighting / 5 / ice, rock, steel, dark, normal
Ground / 5 / rock, steel, fire, electric, poison
Fire / 4 / steel, ice, bug, grass
Ice / 4 / ground, flying, grass, dragon
Rock / 4 / fire, flying, ice, bug
Water / 3 / fire, ground, rock
Grass / 3 / ground, rock, water
Flying / 3 / fighting, bug, grass
Bug / 3 / dark, psychic, grass
Electric / 2 / flying, water
Psychic / 2 / fighting, poison
Ghost / 2 / psychic, ghost
Dark / 2 / psychic, ghost
Steel / 2 / ice, rock
Poison / 1 / grass
Dragon / 1 / dragon
Normal / 0 /

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this answer is not finished yet, im working on ordering the types as far as effectivesness to other types.
Thanks. This will really help me in my game. There's no rush, though.
1) Bug is SE to 3, but you put 2.
2) you forgot Steel.
Ok, thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it right now.
Fairy is super-effective against 3 types (Dragon, Dark, Fighting)
Ground's SE against Ice
Ice is super effective against Ground, Ground isn't super effective against Ice.
You're right... I swear it was though!
I've made that mistake before as well, I keep thinking the two are super effective against each other. Easy thing to mess up :)