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I have been offered a choice of any two shinies I want in a trade. I can choose from Pidgy, Murkrow, Houdour, Raticate, Haunter, Sableye, Poliwag, Seaking, Gyrados, Jynx, Hypno, Arcanine. Which two are the strongest and most advantageous pokemon to have? Also, which do you think look best as shinies?

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You can look at http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all to see which ones are strongest.

Arcanine is the strongest.
Gyarados is also very strong but you get a shiny Gyarados in HG/SS.
Gengar, Houndoom, Poliwrath and Politoed (evolutions of the ones you mention) are all pretty strong. When you trade Haunter it will evolve to Gengar straight away.
Sableye has no type weaknesses but has very low stats so it doesn't matter, it's still weak.

I'd suggest Arcanine then either Haunter or Poliwag.

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I don't know about shinies pokemon, but I will pick Arcanine, and the other one is you choice depend on your pokemon party! Sableye have no weakness, Jynx would be good too, and since gyarados is not a rare pokemon, you will found 1 later... just pick 1 that could cover your team weakness!