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Four time weaknesses as in Parasect with a 4x weakness to Fire and Flying.

Make the typing you want, it doesn't have to exist yet. You can also give the ''Pokemon'' the ability and Items you want and the battle can be in any scenario.

Your answer can be:
Example: Parasect holding an Absorb Bulb with ability Dry Skin in Hail.

Not sure if this counts, but an ice bug Pokemon being affected by forest's curse would be 4* weak to flying, 4* weak to rock, and 8* weak to fire.
_=2 (4x) weaknesses, -=a 4x weakness each, *=an 8x weakness

Add Forest's Curse:

(Grass)/Ice/Bug--* (2 (4x) weaknesses + an 8x weakness)
(Grass)/Ice/Dark--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Ice/Steel-* (a 4x weakness and an 8x weakness)
(Grass)/Ice/Fairy--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Fighting/Bug-* (a 4x weakness and an 8x weakness)
(Grass)/Fighting/Dragon--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Ground/Bug--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Flying/Bug---- (4 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Psychic/Bug--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Bug/Dark--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Bug/Fairy--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)
(Grass)/Dragon/Dark--- (3 (4x) weaknesses)

Source: https://krlw890.github.io/pkdb-answers/type_combos.html

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No, it is not possible without adding in triple types or new items/abilities that read: This ability gives you are x4 weakness to x type.

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Ok, thanks!
Or if they changed the type chart or added a new type e.g. if they made Rock SE against Grass, Parasect would have a 4x weakness to Rock as well as Fire and Flying.
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No because only 1 pokemon can only have 2 of them
Not to sure what it is though

Steel and Rock.
lol Bug and grass as well
Ice and grass with dry skin,(well kind of).
Ice and grass only has 1 4X weakness
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Parasect had 3 x4 weaknesses in Gen 1, since bug was weak to poison