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hi! i know the question is not good so here goes.

should a shuckle actually know an attacking move, or would just moves like double team and toxic work well. heres my shuckle:
p.s: for wifi with not expert friend. and i dont know how many evs shuckle has so ill list the stats instead!

shuckle @chesto berry lv 85
trait: gluttony
stats: hp 173 defence 442 sp attack 41 sp defence 426 speed 78
timid nature


double team
------(should it be an attacking move? please reccomend which move!

PKMN black ^_^

my friend has a legendary team. he is not and never is going to be an expert, yet he does have three lv 100 pkmn.

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No. Here's why:
Shuckle's attack stats are, well I'll leave you to describe them. He will survive any hit, so you might want to give Shuckle the move Swagger.
It's an incredibly annoying move, and can cause hazards for every Pokemon. Let's say if you gave shuckle Rock Slide, it wouldn't be able to flinch because Shuckle has a state of 5 speed, and wouldn't do much damage, because of Shuckle's 10 attack stat.
You should build up your Shuckle as the role in your team that puts the opponent through hell and back. Swagger isn't really used mutch between different Pokemon, so that's what makes it unique. It's funny watching the opponent's Pokemon make their Pokemon faint!
I presume you are going to fight your friend's team, and seeing as most legendaries have good attack stats, Swagger will cause hell for his team.

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what an answer! NOT SARCSM!!!!!!
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Well Shuckle has very low Attack and S.Attack stats. It is usually used as a Staller. Double team is banned though. If you want to use an offensive move your best bet is to use Power-split and Gyro-ball, Rollout is also an option. It is the most practical way of attack with Shuckle. Some people do the gimmick of using him on a Trick-room team and having him use Power-trick to Swap his Defense and Attack stats to make him the hardest hitter in the game, but that is very risky and unlikely to work. Here are some good sets for Shuckle: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/4964/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-shuckle

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well, what would you reccomend for the last move then?
The set you have up there is not competitively allowed. However if it is just ingame with your friends try: Power-split, Roll-out, Swagger, or Mud-slap.
i would say for the last move if you want to do an attack do somthing like sandstorm cause it isnt affeceted by your attack
yes, we are planning a battle by the c gear. and sandstorm i have chosen. thanx guys!