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Hi, Im trying to EV Train my Shiny Chimchar (Starter) Im trying to make his specialties either Attk and Speed or Attk and Def or spread it maybe 200 Attk, 200 speed and 150 DEF (if thats possible) Um, okay so this is what I understand with EV Training:

  • Each pokemon gives a specific stat when you defeat it ranging from 1-3 EVs
  • 4 EVs for example Speed = 1 Base Speed Stat when level
  • there are items that Increase and decrease EVs (PokeRus, Bracelets, Fruits etc)
  • The max number of EVs is 510
  • the max number that can be put on one stat is 252 or 255

Ok, so idk if I forgot anything but here are some questions:

Q1: Lets say i have I level Up and i had 4 EVs on Speed 3 EVs on Attk obviously i would get 1 extra Base stat on Speed. So my question is Once i've leveled do I restart the EV count as in keeping the count for how many EVs i've used out of 510 EVs max but restarting the count just to know how many bonuses I will get at the next level?

Q2: I dont get how with the max being 510 will enable me to max at least 1 stat, I feel as if It wont be enough, can someone explain how 510 EVs would be enough to help maximize 1-2 stats to 252( or 255) thats if im EV training my Chimchar from the beginning

Q3:ok so lets say throughout the game i've calculated how many EVs i've already used up and i've used up lets say: 33 Attk EVs ,58 Speed EV , 67 Defense EV would i have spent 158/510 EVs?

Q4: I also dont understand IVs the concept of it, the purpose of it and benefit of it

Q5:WOuld my 510 EVs last till my pokemon are lvl 100? And if it doesnt what are the consequences of exceeding 510 EVs or 252(or 255) on a base stat?

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talk about luck. You got a shiny chimchar for your starter? Awesome!
Although shiny infernape just looks like he's been out in the sun for too long....
Usually I don't attempt to ev train as it is too confusing for me but my friends and I sometimes race to beat a game and at the end we battle so I ev train.  510 Ev's should max out one stat and halve max another per level usually you get 1 in each stat so if you equally disperse your Ev's you should not be able to max on out but have an all round good Pokemon. Hope this helped.
Use 252 EV's max on each stat, as you need 4 to make 1 state raise. If you use 255, thats only 252+3 which is not enough for another stat raise

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  1. All EVs you gain you keep. Unless you specifically use an EV-lowering item.

  2. The max is 252 in one stat, 510 counting all EVs in total. So you can get 252 Attack, 252 Speed and you have 4 left for another stat. Or 100 in 5 different stats if you really wanted (bad idea though).

  3. Yes.

  4. IVs are a separate mechanic, they are random when you first get a Pokemon (in the wild or breeding). You get 1-32 IVs on each stat which add 1-32 to that stat. IVs are set in stone when you encounter the Pokemon, as opposed to EVs which you can change in different stats.

  5. You can't exceed those numbers, see #2 above. And as in #1 once you gain an EV point, you keep it unless you specifically use an EV-lowering item.

What i seriously dont get is, first off, will i finish my 510 EVs before i get to lvl 100 cuz im EV training my lvl 5 Shiny Chimchar. Also, the one thing that really confuses me like i just dont get the logic is the fact you can max 2 stats (252) with just the limit of 510 EVs. heres whats in my head, ok so pokemon's evs range from 1-3 and it takes 4 EVs to make 1 base stat so if u used 4 EVs out of 510 you just have 1 point stat, so this would mean 510 being the MAX EVs you can spend divided by 4 because it takes 4 EVs to make just 1 stat and it comes out 127.5, how does that max out 2 of your stats. Can you or anyone like show me the math (without the bracelets or pokeRUS etc) on how just 510 EVs can get u get you 252 on 2 different stats?
Wait, i have to ask EV stats are just BONUS right? Like the Stats you get from EV Training dont make up everything if it is then i understand now, if not then im still confused.

For Example: Im EV training my Attack stat i have 252 EVs already solely based on that stat so 252 divided by 4( cuz 4 attack EVs=1 attack stat) which is 63 so ill get 63 stat points on Attack and same thing goes for speed ill get 63 and then after that, ill be done with EV training and ill just have to train the rest right?
It seems like the rest of the answers are already answered, so I just have a few tips that will help a lot. It's a strategy that I use for my strongest Pokemon.

Macho Brace is an item that doubles your EV field when you level up.
But it also cuts your speed in Pokemon battles.


Let your Pokemon hold it. You can obtain it in the locations included.
For hg/ss, you get it in a trade. Give a Drowzee, for a Machop that will be holding it. (In the goldenrod city department store)
Of course these links are about more information on EVs.


You know what Pokerus is, but these might help understand it further.


If a Pokemon is holding macho brace, and has pokerus, it's EV field will be quadrupled!
Now it depends on what your nature and personality is:


For example; if Chimchar's Nature is Naughty, and Personality is "Proud of it's power" (which both raise attack), and it's holding Macho Brace with Pokerus, Chimchar will have great attack!

You should be able to find Macho Brace by one of the previous links, but with Pokerus, you just have to get lucky. But seeing how you got a shiny starter, I can tell you already have luck on your side.

Anyways, hoped this helped!
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Q1 you keep the ev count, It dosen't reset.
I don't understand q2.
Q3 yes you would.
Q4 Ivs are random numbers achieved through breeding. You can have up to 31 Ivs in a stat. Each Ivs equal 1 stat point. You can tell a pokemons Ivs by the personality and check it on the iv section of the site. You can pass down a pokes best iv though breeding with the power bracer, anklet ect.
Q5 yes they last til lv. 100 and you just can't exceed the max, they don't let you.

A1: So, lets say b4 im about to  lvl i had 5 EVs to speed 3 for Attk so, the next level after the one coming up, i just need to kill 3 starly's (gives 1 speed stat) and 1 pokemon that gives 1 Attk EV to to get 1 bonus stat for attk and speed?

Q2: Ok basically im saying how does 510 EVs suffice if im EV training from the very beginning? And how would it be enough. as in 4 EVs= 1 Stat so 510 divided 4= 127.5 rounding it up to 128? so wouldnt that mean i would have 128 stats to spend? idk

A4: So, IVs are the base stats that you see when u lvl up?

A5:i dont get it, so it wont let you pass 252 no matter how much you try? Also, you cant exceed 510 EVs? if u can doesit make your pokemon bad?
In q5 once you hit 510 you just can't get more Evs. And q2 every Pokemon has Ivs factored in and a base stat that it has regardless of Evs, like no matter what a lv. 100 scion with no attack Evs. Will have a 130 attack stat. And Ivs are different, they add stat points just from the begginning so I'd I hav 31 attack Ivs it will add 31 stat points to my attack stat.
Sniper, i'm not questioning your skills but maybe a more experimented guy should answer this. Again, don't be offended.
None taken, I answer every question I can in hopes of ba so I can get points and people will take my answers seriously.
OK here's an example Im in the beginning of the game and I have to choose my Pokemon I have my shiny chimchar and I'm battling a starly so that obviously gives me 1 ev for speed so, that makes it 1/510 ev?
No it makes it 1 255 in speed and 1 510 in total so yes.
How is it 1/255 if i only fought one starly doesnt 4 evs = 1 stat? Wouldnt it still be 0?Also,what I don't get is how 510 can max out 2 stats. If evs range from 1-3 dont you need 4 to make a 1 stat,then 510 Max divided by 4 to make 1 stat would leave me with 127.5 base stats to work with and allocate those stats. Round up or down, dunno. Or am I missing something in my  calculations. I have no bracelets,pokerus,protein, I'm starting at the very beginning. Someone help me understand how 510 evs = 252 on 1 stat and 252 on another.