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I bought my DS used from game stop so I'm not sure what I need to connect to the internet through the device, and thus how to trade, how to use the C=Gear, get to the dreamworld, or use the entralink to get pokemon over to my white forest. Please help me guys with some detailed explanations. I want to enjoy this game to its full ability, but I can't because Im too dumb to fix the internet functions.


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you have wi-fi, correct?

so first, you are at the selection screen, where you pick continue, new game, ect.

you go down until you see nintendo wi-fi and click it

click nintendo wi-fi connection settings

click connection 1,2,3, doesnt matter

fill out the required information and save it.

make sure whenever you are useing it you are close enough to the source it can connect proporly

and you ready to go.

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Sometimes, you have to go to ''Advanced Connection''.