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Currently i have to export them and Paste them in a email to my-self. I switch computers a lot and i dont want to rebuild all my teams.

That's actually one of the benefits of Showdown.
Although on PO, you can make teams offline.

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I have a much more efficent way than Gray Test.

1: Simply Export into your profile.

2: Save it.

3: Import on a different computer.

4: Erase it from your profile and save. Done.

It is a waste of time trying to attach it to your E-Mail.

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I believe so. On PO, you can save your team as a file. Save it to wherever, and attach that file to your email. You can do as many teams as you want. Then, just open them on your new computer. However, make sure that your computers have the same version of PO.

and where would i find these files
When you hit save you can choose a place to put them. or just search in spotlight...
okay i will try your way