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My DS is dead :( so I bought a GBA and emerald anyway in rastoboro city in emerald there is a house where a father ask you for a funny phrase to make his daughter laugh.......even if I write somthing funny she don't laugh .is there a way I could make her laugh I thought if she laugh I could get something?+can some give me the link of the best moveset of typhlosoin because when I search for it it give me all the questions because of (DarkTyphlosoin) lol!!



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I did some research, and it turns out that the phrase is an actual lettered code based on your Trainer ID and reward you want. You see, what you get from this guy for making his daughter laugh is a very special wallpaper for your PC boxes.


^this website will let you design the box you want to be rewarded with. After you're happy with the box you want, just type in your trainer ID, and click the "generate" button, and it will give you the code you need to enter!

And go here for a visual example.

As for your other request, here is a great page for Typhlosion movesets.