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i catch i vulpix but he's yellow
does someone whant to trade it for a normal vulpix
i wanted to trade it on gts , everyone whated it but they wanted to give me wrilly wierd pokemon whit strange colors
also i have allto pkmn whit other colors does someone whants them , i realy find them ugly
and is there some thing white mine gamecard ?

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Don't do it he will use it to do eeeevvvviiiillll things!!!!!!!!
This is a bit.....illegible. Can someone fix this?
its a glitch trade it and ur game will be ok XP
I DIDNT COPY I HAVE SOME SHINIES MYSELF I'VE SEEN A SHINY VULPIX IN MY POKEDEX the point is that have a 1/1987 of appearing your supeer lucky DON'T TRADE IT! also i didnt know i was doing i 2 times sorry kjust don't trade people want your rare pokemon and vulpix is REALLY RARE in hg that's an extra answer cuz they are only at abundunt shrine you either traded used ar/gs or got super lucky. there is nothing wrong with your vulpix and nothing changed from stats either you just got a rare pokemon... watch jwittz's video on shinys in youtube name: pokemon fact of the day-shiny pokemon
It would've been fine if it was the end of August to post this. Is it the end of August? No. By the way, you're wrong. It's 1/8192, and the chance by Masuda is 1/about 2000.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with your GameCard. That Vulpix is a Shiny Pokemon. They are very rare to find. Consider yourself very lucky.

Vulpix I believe that's what you have.

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You beat me by 12 seconds :3
Yep, i did xD
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That Vulpix is Shiny.

A shiny pokemon has a different color because of it's IV's.
It is very rare to get a shiny pokemon of any kind it acctually has a 1/8192 chance of meeting one! Congragulations!

Hope I helped!

Are you sure the IVs influence whether it's shiny or not???
Yes, positive.
Hyper flares is right, Ivs tell you if it's shiny.
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Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare when they're legit! You only have a 1/8192 chance of finding one!

I would keep it as a good luck charm if you're not gonna use it.

It looks like this, right?

When it evolves into Ninetales it'll look like this!

Funny, I found a shiny Magikarp about 4 hours later....
I found a shiny Starly 3 days ago :3
I found a shiny Growlithe on my Heart Gold game =D
I found a shiny piloswine a week or two ago.
i found a shiny Tangela on Leafgreen and a Numel on Emerald =P