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For my rain team I am going to use Thundurus-T, but I don't know what would work better, Chioce Specs, or Nasty Plot. Specs eliminate the set-up turn, but only give half the boost, while locking me into a move, but nasty plot has to be set up, and I lose the boost when I switch out, but I am not locked into a move, and I get double the boost as I would from specs.


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Choice Specs is BY FAR the better choice Pokenubz. With it, Thundurus-T will sweep about all OU's, and he is about sweeping. Choice Items in general is better.

Here are some items from Josh's sets:
Scar (Thundurus-T) (M) @ Choice Specs
Thundurus-T (M) @ Choice Scarf
Scar (Thundurus-T) (M) @ Choice Specs

Set up or 6-0? Your choice.

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Well to be fair it is a matter of choice and choice specs wont get you a 6-0 :P
Yeah but in my short experience with him, it is not uncommon to massacre at least half of an opponents team before going down (with specs, that is).
For instance you use thunderbolt, what happens if a jolteon comes in, you give it a boost mostly likely and then you have to switch giving them a chance to do whatever they want, maybe set up a agility then what. You just set up your own demise. Thats just an example mind you so dont try to say that "Nobody carries a jolteon" because most of my teams on paper do just for Thunderus-T and other choice users i can set up on.
Well, the whole point of Choice users is prediction. I mean, if you're the kind of guy who uses Thunderbolt when you see a Jolteon on the opponent's team, Nasty Plot is better ._.
I've actually encountered that, and I have a way to get around it. Also, since it's a rain team, I would be using thunder.
either way we can all agree its a matter of preference
Choice Specs helps outspeed...since when?
Since before the edit I am about to make.
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Nasty Plot is better so you dont have to switch out to take on different Pokemon.