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sure you can,you can get them through trading but not sure about piplip though :P
You didn't mention the game but judging by the tag HG/SS huh?
Just trade from DP/PT :)
piplip lol
Piplup is cool.

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Nope, not without trading or transferring.

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but that means i need to battle sone body with them and scan them in my pokedex and go to gts and no body has one??!!??!!
No, that means find someone in person who has it and trade with them or transfer from D/P/Pt.
Kudos to DA.
Or battle the Gym Leaders again to see some of the evolutions, trade for one, then breed it for an egg. E.G., Jasmine has an Empoleon (2nd evolution of Piplup); after you end your battle with her, you can search for Empoleon on the GTS, make the trade, and send it with a compatible mate (like Ditto) to the Daycare Center.
so you battle her again and she will offer it
No, you battle her again and she will use it in battle, but then it goes into your Pokedex as "seen", so then you could request it on the GTS.