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i am playing Pokemon white.i am looking for a shiny squirtle via masuda's method.i have breeded a japanese ditto with an english blastoise and got 400+ squirtles.any one knows why iam not getting a shiny one?

LOL, I get the feeling you are going to be offering some Squirtles for trade soon.

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In Gen 5 the chance of getting a shiny using the Masuda method is still a massive 1/366. (But it is a lot better compared to Gen 4 masuda method which was 1639/1.) Compared to the usual rate of 1/8192, it is amazing. You have only gotten 400 + squiltes, if you get over 1366, then you have a problem.

Source: Bulbapedia

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also just because you hit 1366 doesnt mean you will get a shiny
but it does mean you have a bad luck