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Statiscally I mean, and please give a battle proven set for the one you suggest. (I know the standard Skarmory set but I'm a bit rusty w/Gliscor)

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what do ya mean by saying proven set?
One that has been tested so that we know it works well.

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Imo it completly is dependent with which wether starter you have and what role you want.

Ok so Gliscor is great with Tyranitar it covers each overs weaknesses and slop a Ferrothorn in there and you have a brilliant core.
Though Skarmory can work equally well with Tyranitar but remember it can only pull off one set and is also more vunrable to Terrakion.

Though Gliscor and Hippowdon are not the greatest of matches with very similar typing.
At least Skarm takes Ice neutral and Water is a resistance.
Hippodown can cover its electric weakness and to some extent fire weakness very well.
So if your wanting a defensive phasing core Skarmdon is the way to go but with Gliscor you can pull off all sorts of rolls.

It can taunt, poison, boost, wall and its typing is brilliant though 4x ice weakness paired with terrible SDef isnt great.

Overall I would say Skarmory is the better Pokemon really as the typing is brilliant and Def is insane.
It has the ability to work with sand teams and synergise while setting up hazards.

Though Gliscor can preform a very nice Tank set, but tbh imo they are hard to put next to each other as they serve completly differant roles.
If you will use Gliscor I suggested a set earlyer in chat, if thats outdated ask for another lol

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Skarmory takes nuetral water damage.
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Depends on what you need from them. Skarmory has higher Def and can learn Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Whirlwind to make use of them, plus it has Roost for instant recover. Skarmory has a x2 weakness to Electric and a x2weakness to Fire. Gliscor has lower Def but with its Dream World ability Poison Heal, gets better recovery with Toxic Orb than Skarmory does with Leftovers. Gliscor has a better movepool for attacking directly than Skarm but also almost demands Protect on any set to help Poison Heal work its magic. Gliscor also has a x4 weakness to Ice, x2 weakness to Water, x2 weakness to Rock, and immunity to Electric. also while Toxic'd for Poison Heal, it makes a great status absorber. so the it really depends on what role you need a physical wall to fill on your team. I personally use Skarmory but that's because I am overly fond of SkarmBliss defensive cores. Gliscor is definitely a great Pokemon though. choose wisely.

gliscor has no rock weakness due to the ground type.