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Why are they called the "Sinjoh Ruins"? Is it because of the fact that they are inbetween Sinnoh and Johto? I am assuming they are because it is where you can get Palkia/Dialge/Giratina in HG or SS. Because of this is the name a fusion of Sinnoh and Johto? ("Sin-oh" from Sinnoh and "Joh" from Johto) This has peaked my curiosity for quite some time. So I finally decided to ask it.

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I was a little unclear. i wanted to know why it is called sinjoh ruins
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The Sinjoh Ruins are a place accessible on HG/SS. You can obtain a Level 1 Giratina, Dialga or Palkia here if you have an event Arceus in your party. You can reach it via the Ruins of Alph.
They are called the Sinjoh Ruins, as you said, as they are actually part of Johto and are home to the Sinnoh legendaries. Take the two words and you've got your name; Sinjoh Ruins.

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Name origin

>The Japanese name is a portmanteau of Shin'ō and Jōto, as it is a place where the architecture and legends of both regions meet. The English name reflects this, though using the beginning of "Johto" rather than the end. The combination of the names of two regions alludes to the Tohjo Falls.

>It may also be a pun on the Japanese native religion of Shinto, whose creation story is heavily referenced by the creation trio, Arceus, and the Spear Pillar.

Bulbapedia/ Sinjoh Ruins

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