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And make sure to actually look things up before you answer.

And I need a for sure answer, not people guessing. That includes people of other sites guessing.

If you are not sure what the question is talking about or if you are not 100% sure your answer is correct, DO NOT ANSWER

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Looks can be decieving. I can answer:

The probability of finding one of N's Pokemon is (p-b^r), where p=number of Pokemon of the same species you have caught, b=8-number of badges you have, and r=the rarity of the Pokemon in that area. This number cannot exceed 40%.

Source: I asked Game Freak.
really?? oh no wait u're pulling our legs. still, IS it true?
I'm still sure this is a fake answer.
trachy that is completely wrong. I had never caught a Klink before, so p would be 0, and I had 8 badges, so b would be 0,  ergo b^r regardless of what r is would also be 0, indicating that my chances of finding N's Klink would be 0. Yet, I found N's Klink. So sorry, but you either didn't ask Game Freak OR someone at Game Freak really didn't know what they were talking about.
That equation is wrong; trachy was just quoting it to show how answers can be deceptive in their trustworthiness.

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