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So I was looking on bulbapedia at Steel types just now (Not sure why, but I was) and I saw that on the Bulbapedia page on Steel types is has 2 lists of all the Steel type Pokemon. One list says "Primary Steel-type Pokémon" and another says "Secondary Steel-type Pokémon", my question is, what is the difference between a Primary type and a Secondary type other than the fact that Prmary types are listed first?


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Primary types are types that a Pokemon has two of but,their main type is first,a secondary type is a type a Pokemon has two of, but their main type is second, like ,like Kyurem.Primary types are listed first because it is the Pokemon`s type,and can be classed as a steel type,a secondary type is two types that can be classed as a dragon AND an ice type.

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I am asking what the difference is, not what they are, like, why does it matter what order they are in?
No, It really doesn't matter, It's only for classafication purposes.
Lol, NJDevil, your last activity before this comment was in December 2011 xD
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Well, the first type is the main type meaning that is the type the pokémon looks like (bulbasaur grass-poison but looks grass ,flygon dragon -ground but looks dragon ).this is for one-type pokes too.moreover two types may make the pokémon more weak or less depents on the opponent pokémon .furthermore gamefreak can describe better a pokémon character putting two types (not only what it looks like but what it is able to do ).two types are made for better gaming and battling experience .also a player can create more battle strategies and a pokémon is able to have a bigger movepool .