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For example, a Poisoned Cascoon evolving into Dustox, who now has the Poison type. Since Poison types are immune to the status problem itself, what would happen?

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Dustox is only immune to Toxic. It is still effected by poison. Far as I'm concerned.
Poison-Types are immune to the Poison status.
Like Grounds are immune to paralysis, not just Thunder Wave.
Not true, they are still able to be paralyzed through moves like Body Slam. Also through Synchronize & Psycho Shift.

Also, as a note, Fire are immune to burns & Ice types are immune to being frozen.
Soaking a Pokemon will let it get hit by any status condition.
But at that point, it is not a Fire/ Poison/ Ground/ Ice - type.
Wow. I never knew that!
Really? Gawd. Something new there...

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>... Also, poisoned Pokémon who evolve into a Poison- or Steel-type Pokémon, such as Cascoon evolving into Dustox, will keep the poisoned status after evolving.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Poison

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Bulbapedia has the answer to pretty much everything
Then make sure you check it before asking anything.
And the fact Bulbapedia used the same examle as me is jinxy as well... :/